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Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is an advanced form of online advertising wherein, the advertisers accrue costs when the users click the advertisements. In relation to the keywords, platforms, and audience types in which it is likely to originate, advertisers need to bid on the perceived value of a click. Rewind Productions is one of the best PPC advertising agencies in Dubai. We use PPC for all types of campaign goals including generating leads, increasing sales besides promoting brand awareness. We very well understand that PPC is all about relevance. We have the ability to show a targeted advertisement at the right moment when a user is searching for a specific product, information, or service. Through account structures and target settings, we run successful PPC campaigns.

Pay Per Click Advertising Services

Rewind Productions is a top-notch pay-per-click advertising service provider in Dubai. PPC advertising helps you bring new leads to your website, increasing your visibility online, and boosting conversions. So, if you’re searching for a type of advertising that won’t kill your budget and produce excellent results, then PPC is the best solution. We place advertisements on search engine result pages, social media sites, and other websites.

Below are the key benefits a customer gets, on hiring our company, and of course, all are great for your business.

  • Set the budget : You’re locked into a specific rate, when you choose other types of advertisements but PPC enables you to work within your budget. You can constantly amend your budget irrespective of whether you’re a multi-national conglomerate or a start-up.
  • Pay only when someone clicks : With different types of advertising, you pay the same amount for the spot, no matter how many people contacted you because of it or see it. But it is not so with PPC, wherein you pay per click. This means, you only pay when someone does some interaction with your advertisement. Since you can set your maximum spend ahead of time, you won’t go over your budget.
  • You can compete : Even if you’re search engine rankings are not high, you can still compete. Through PPC. You can promote your brand even if your performance is not so well on search engines. PPC offers an edge over your competitors. In fact, it is one of the most important benefits for start-ups.
  • Refine your marketing strategy : Every PPC service provider tracks the stats of your advertisement and you can see benefits of PPC in action. This helps in sharpening your marketing strategy. Whether you’re on Bing, Google, or even Facebook, you can always refine your PPC approach. If you’re not getting worthwhile returns from your investment, you can change your strategy in a matter of minutes.
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